Jakob de Tobon Creative

A Breath of Light

Client: Scandinavia S/S/A/W
Photo: Marcus Ohlsson

Styling: Aurelia Donaldson
Hair: Joe Yves
Makeup: Anya de Tobon
Casting: Åsa Karyd
Model: Vivien Solari

VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson2 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson3 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson4 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson5 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson6 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson7 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson8 VIVIEN_Marcus-Ohlsson9


Jakob de Tobon is a creative director focusing on fashion communication. Jakob is the founder and CD of Scandinavia S/S/A/W and he is working with several clients within the fashion and beauty fields such as H&M, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Chanel and Altewaisaome.

He has also been art director at V Magazine and V Agency NYC where he was working with international clients such as Dior, Max Mara and Fendi.

In 2016 Jakob de Tobon published the book The Tarn together with Boe Marion.


Jakob de Tobon Creative

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